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  • No. LEAPS and Bounds is an optional program. We also understand that students participate in other activities and will not attend each day.

  • There are no early check outs from LEAPS. If you child will be unable to stay for the full time, they will need to be dismissed from school as a car or bus rider.

  • If you listed the person on the LEAPS emergency card, then the person picking up your child will be asked to show photo identification. If the person is not on the approved list, please contact Mrs. Justus or Mrs. Whitaker as early as possible to get them added to the list.

  • The students can work on homework for the full 45 minutes in the morning.

    In the afternoons, students will have approximately 30 minutes to complete homework. Teachers will circulate and help as much as possible. We encourage you to still go through their folders and check to make sure everything is complete and correct.

  • There will be no LEAPS morning session if Sevier County Schools are delayed due to weather.

  • There will be no afternoon session of LEAPS if school is dismissed early for weather.

  • There will be morning sessions only on half days of school.